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Clouds Rest Farm

A small farm on the slopes of Haleakalā




There are still remnants of the original Clouds Rest protea farm that existed more than a decade ago. We continue to propogate care for and harvest these plants. These include a variety of Kings, Pink ice, Pink Cushion, Waratah, Ladismith and Bottle brush. We work with local florists to who sell bouquets and various lei. Our flowers & cuttings also are donated to helping local schools and charities to raise money through wreath making and various events

Fruits, Vegtables & Mushrooms

We have always had a passion for fresh, high quality and nutrious food. We stared with a few plants and as our passion grew, so did the quality and size of the harvest. We now share our harvests with our ohana, neighbors and sell to local buisnesses . Some of what we enjoy growing include : Artichokes ,mushrooms , avocados, beets, carrots, leeks, brocolli , cauliflower, potatoes, kalo, plums, and much more

Malama Aina

We continue to be mindful of our impact on the land by pursuing sustainable practices . We rarely spray , and when we do its only with natural organic certified sprays. We keep our soil happy, by using low/no till proactices, composting and natural organic fertilizers . We also enjoy planting natives like ohia ,sandalwood , kokia and more


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